How to switch browsers

RSSOwl uses a built-in browser to display information in its Newsheader pane and (optionally) its News pane. You can, however, use your default Web browser or any other browser you have installed on your system to display full content from selected articles outside RSSOwl.

Note: The internal browser is currently not supported on Solaris.

To switch between internal and external browsers:  

  1. Choose Preferences from the Tools menu to open the RSSOwl Preferences dialog box.
  2. Choose Browser in the dialog's tools list (left pane).
  3. To use your system default browser, check the "Use external browser" checkbox.

    To use an external browser other than your current system default browser, check the "Open..." checkbox, and also enter the path to the non-default browser executable in the Select External Browser field. Example: "C:\Program Files\mozilla.org\Mozilla\Mozilla.exe". If the specification is wrong or RSSOwl is unable to open the specified browser for any other reason, your system default browser is used instead.

    To use RSSOwl's built-in browser for content, clear the "Use external browser" checkbox. Please note that the internal browser is not yet supported on Solaris.

    To force the internal browser to open new content in a separate tab, check the "Always open Browser in new tab" checkbox. To use a single tab for viewing article content, clear the "Always..." checkbox.

    To restore browser defaults (use the built-in browser; one internal browser tab for content) and clear any path specification in the Select External Browser field, click Restore Defaults.

  4. Click Apply, then OK to close the dialog box.

To use RSSOwl's built-in browser in the News pane:

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