RSSOwl Quick start

These instructions will help you get started with RSSOwl. To further explore the application's many features, see the How-to's.

A quick read

RSSOwl is installed with dozens of RSS feeds and pages, so viewing sample content is only a few clicks away after you open the application for the first time.

  1. Expand the "Samples" Category in the Favorites pane.

  2. Double-click the name of any feed .

  3. A list of available articles from the collection appears in the Newsheader pane, along with a new tab at the top of the pane. Click any article and a text summary of its contents appears in the News pane, along with a link to the article. Click the link in the News pane (or double-click the article icon above) and the page is loaded into the browser.

The fast way to find and save feeds

Newsfeeds are available from thousands of sites on the Internet. How do you find them? Easy: Press Ctrl+G or choose Search for Newsfeeds from the Tools menu.

Here's a quick example: 

  1. Press Ctrl+G to open the Search Newsfeeds dialog. Type a search term into the top field, then press Enter or click Search. The list is soon populated with feeds associated with your search term. You can stop the search at any time after getting some results (a search can take awhile to complete if your query is a common term like "xml" and you check the Intensive Search box).
  2. When the search ends (or you stop the search after getting some results), click Import at the bottom of the dialog. This opens a dialog to select a category that lets you chose a location to import the search results.
  3. To add a single newsfeed from your Search results to your newsfeed Collection: Right-click an item in the Search list and choose Add to Favorites from the popup menu. The Add New Favorite dialog appears with the URL/Path and categoy filled in. Just choose a Category folder from the dropdown listbox, and click OK. Your new feed is in place.

    Note: The Add New Favorite dialog will alert you if the feed you're about to add already exists in your collection.

You'll find additional methods for finding and using feeds among the How-to's.

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