How to list or search all articles in a category at once

Categorical searches and aggregation can help you locate information quickly. Here's how it's done.

Searching a category

  1. Right-click any category or Blogroll in your RSS Favorites tree, then choose Search from the popup menu.
  2. Type a word or phrase into the search term field. You can use a number of options to specify your search—search for the whole word or phrase, perform a case-sensitive search, or use regular expressions—and you can use comparison operators AND, OR, and NOT. You may need to experiment with the operators and options to sharpen your searches. (If you've never used regular expressions before and you want to try them in your searches, you can find a number of excellent articles on the Web to give you some direction.)
  3. Click OK to dismiss the dialog and start the search. The search is conducted on the News title and description data for all feeds in the currently selected category, as well as in all of its subcategories.

    A new "Category:" tab opens in the Newsheader pane, with a summary of your search, including your search term. If the search was successful, articles from the selected category are listed and search terms are highlighted in yellow wherever they appear in the News text

Aggregating a category

Aggregation lets you gather all of the articles from all newsfeeds in a selected category or Blogroll, and all subcategories. You can then search the aggregation

Note: Category search results or aggregated article lists may also be saved as collections (and it is able to export them to PDF, RTF, or HTML files).

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