How to create and share newsfeeds

RSSOwl's Synchronized Blogroll feature lets you publish newsfeed collections on your local drive, local network, or on the Internet, and invite friends colleagues to subscribe to the collections. Whenever articles and article lists from any of the published and shared feeds are updated by the newsfeed content providers, the updates are available to everyone who uses your Blogroll.

To create and publish a Blogroll:   

  1. In the Favorites pane select the category or newsfeed you want to publish as a Blogroll.
  2. Right-click on the category or newsfeed name and choose Export>To OPML File. A Save As dialog appears. Choose a name and location for the Blogroll, then click OK to close the dialog.
  3. If the Blogroll file is to remain on your local drive only, you'll need to provide a way for subscribers to access the file. Consult your platform's file sharing options, or read the instructions for whatever HTTP or FTP server software you wish to use for this purpose.

    If you're on a network, you can copy the file from its saved location on your hard drive to a network location that is accessible to all of your subscribers.

    If you have a Web site, you can copy the Blogroll file to your site as you would any other site element.

To load a Blogroll:

The steps below describe how you can test your published Blogroll, or access Blogrolls posted by your friends and colleagues.

  1. Chose Import>Synchronized Blogroll from the File menu.
  2. Enter the Blogroll location in the URL\Path field. The location may be a network drive mapping, a local file specification, or a URL. If the subscription is on a Web site, be sure to include the "http://" or "ftp://" prefix in the URL. Also, any spaces in your location specification must be replaced with "%20", e.g., "http://www.myserver.net/joes%20newsfeeds". The Blogroll must be new to your collection; if the same URL exists elsewhere in your Favorites, an error is issued.

    If the Blogroll is accepted, click OK to dismiss the dialog. A new Blogroll folder bearing the title you specified in the dialog now appears in your Favorites tree. Expand the Blogroll folder to view the feeds and articles it contains.

To keep the list of Newsfeeds from the Blogroll content current, right-click on a Blogroll folder and choose Synchronize.

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